Wir müssen unsere Preise anpassen.

We have to adjust our prices.

Dear Funzy Friends,

We all notice every day how the prices of many everyday things like food, gasoline or energy are rising. Many raw materials, production and logistics costs are also affected.

Unfortunately, we as a manufacturer are not spared from these developments.

So far, despite several price adjustments by our producers during the year, we have not wanted to pass on these costs in the form of a price increase.

Today, we would like to inform you early and transparently that we will have to adjust our prices to the market situation from 15.8.2022 in the course of a further price increase. The play sofa will cost 399 € in the future, the cover sets 149 € and the waterproof bottom cover 129 €.

You can believe us that this decision was not easy for us.

Our mission is to bring play fun into the homes of as many children as possible.

With the Funzy, we want to offer a versatile and durable piece of play furniture for more movement, creativity and a cozy feel-good place to rest.

At the same time, we continue to focus on the best quality of our play sofa, so that it will be a faithful companion for you for years to come.

It is important to us to build a sustainable company that offers fair pay to our employees, suppliers and partners and also gives back through social and environmental engagement.

From 2.8. - 14.8. we would like to continue to give all those who are on short notice the chance to shop at our original prices.

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty - let's bring a lot more fun into the children's rooms together.

Your Funzy Team