9 reasons why every child's room needs a funzy CH version

9 reasons why Funzy belongs in every child's room

Half toy, half sofa makes a play sofa. Discover 9 good reasons why your child will love the Funzy play sofa!

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1. fun factor

Whether to romp, play, cuddle, read or sleep, Funzy is always there. Consisting of only four individual parts, it can be transformed from a sofa to an armchair to a cave to a pirate ship in just a few (children's) movements.

2. Encourages creativity and imagination

Our recommendation – just let your children do it. You'll be amazed at what your little ones can build from a modular sofa. For us there is nothing nicer than when children imaginatively build their own world from simple components.

3. Long service life

Whether at 1 year old as a standing aid, at 5 years old as a robber's den or at 12 years old as a reading & lounging corner - Funzy is a long-term game & fun maker due to the high product quality

4. Eye-catcher in the children's room

Romp and play must be! But children also need a place to rest and retreat. That's why Funzy is also the ideal cozy corner in the children's room. The great colors make it an eye-catcher and when it is not in use, it can be stowed away small and compact.

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5. More than 650 5-star reviews

Parents and children alike love Funzy. This is reflected not only in over 650 5* ratings, but also in the fact that we still have fewer than 15 returns from over 20,000 parents. That's why we offer our 30-day money-back guarantee!

6. guest bed

Versatility and quality are important to us. Therefore we use a PUR quality foam produced in Germany, which has mattress quality. Ie it does not sag and does not form hollows. So the Funzy can be used as a guest bed with a clear conscience.

7. Outdoor fun

Every child enjoys running through the sprinkler in the garden or romping around in the park. With our innovative outdoor cover, your funzy can easily be converted into an outdoor toy and thus offers even more versatile fun.

8. Quality

For us, it is not just a catchphrase but a central pillar of our company values. That is why we are uncompromising in production. Funzy is made in the EU, the entire product is OEKO-TEX certified, the fabrics withstand more than 100,000 abrasion cycles. We can therefore offer a 5-year guarantee with a clear conscience.

9. Easy cleaning

Where there is planing, there are also shavings? Or in our case - where there is romping, something goes wrong. No problem! Because in addition to our waterproof undercover, you can remove the fabric in no time at all and wash it in the machine.

Part sofa, part toy. For endless fun.

Endless ways to play

Awakens creativity

OEKO-TEX certified

Washable covers

Made in the EU

5 year guarantee

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