Furny is now called Funzy

We're giving ourselves a new name. Triggered by a trademark issue, we decided to rename ourselves.

After our rocket-like start more than a year ago, we took this as an opportunity to reposition ourselves as a brand at the same time. The result is a strong vision and mission alongside the new brand.

Funzy wants to encourage children to be creative, free and full of fantasy and imagination through play . Thanks to its versatility, our children's sofa offers the playful basis for this individual adventure trip from child to child.

The product quality, manufacture, and everything else about the play sofa remains top of the line, of course!

All this leads to our new brand claim:

Never stop playing

Funzy stands for the following values

quality and safety

When it comes to a product for children , quality and safety must be the top priority. For this reason, we produce our play sofas to the strictest standards (OEKO-TEX ® 100) and lovingly handcrafted with a lot of experience.

From parents for children and parents

Funzy is a brand by parents for kids and kids.

From our everyday life with a total of four children aged 0 to 5, we know the colorful life of young families. The needs of children and parents. The challenge of keeping your own children occupied as meaningfully as possible. The guilty conscience when you don't always succeed.

Above all, we know what makes a good toy. Something that is used sustainably and does not disappear in the corner after a short time. Such a toy should provide ongoing enjoyment and invite the child to play imaginatively and creatively with it.

Funzy does exactly that and is also a sofa, armchair or guest bed.

Satisfaction guarantee with personal customer service

We don't want to be an anonymous brand that hides behind a website and doesn't show its face. We are available, approachable and communicate with you at eye level.

We want our service to feel like you're talking to a friend who will hear you, understand you, and help you with your concerns - whatever it is. We are satisfied when you are - 100%. This is not an empty phrase, but real customer service.

Social responsibility

We want to fulfill our social responsibility as a company right from the start. We also want to reach children with our play sofa who do not have the privilege of simply wishing for it.

Since the beginning of this year, together with SOS Children's Villages , we have been supporting families of children in need and are gradually equipping facilities in Germany with our play sofa.

Michael and Felix

Funzy Founder