Get your sofa back for you!

The living room has become an extended children's room? Win it back with Furny!

Do you know the feeling that you are actually just a guest on your sofa because your little ones are using it as a playground?

Even if you like to spend every free minute with your children, you sometimes need a moment to catch your breath. But more and more often, parents miss out on these moments, as the entire apartment has been converted into a playground by the little ones.

What is often noticeable in this context is that in children's rooms there is no real quiet zone for the children next to the bed - i.e. a separate children's sofa.

Until now! Because with Furny, an innovative play sofa has come onto the market that offers the perfect solution.

Children now have their own retreat to sleep, rest, romp around, be creative and much more and the parents finally have their sofa back to themselves!

So what is Furny?

A toy that grows with you

Designed to encourage creativity and gross motor skills in children aged 1+.

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Meaningful employment - for hours

Whether to relax or romp, to build caves or as a spaceship. Furny is infinitely versatile and never gets boring.

To your Furny

Furny has been a loyal companion for many years

Furny can be used from around one year and grows with your little ones. Without hard edges and OEKO-TEX certified, there is no risk of injury.

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Over 20,000 parents across Europe are already enthusiastic about Furny! Join them and let yourself be enchanted.

Trust over 450 reviews from real parents!

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