Funzy Erfahrungsbericht #1

Funzy Experience Report #1

Funzy - the furniture toy you never thought your family would need

"What's a Funzy?" our neighbor asked when our two-year-old invited her two-year-old to "Funzy hop."

"Two rectangular foam pieces sewn together and a couple of triangle pillows to get our munchkins properly tired," I replied.

Then I showed her a picture.

"A sofa?"

Almost - a play sofa. Just microfiber covered foam. Soft corners and edges, no wood or plastic around it, kid-knee high, as wide as a one-year-old and as long as a small adult.

On this afternoon of play, the Funzy was first to serve as a tumbling paradise - nothing easier than that. The foam pieces laid side by side lengthwise and we adults could enjoy our coffee while the little ones bounced and rolled around close to the ground.

During their bouncing, the minis discovered that they could use the triangle pillows as little horses, and so playing with the Funzy turned into a scene of the Wild West.

The tired riders were then allowed to take a break in their Funzy time capsule before deciding to complete a course and have vehicles ride up and down ramps and mountains via Funzy. And after that, to go camping comfortably in a tent with a canopy.

In the end, the two rascals wanted a cave to hide in.

The afternoon was a lot of fun and watching the dwarves develop their wild ideas and romp together was worth its weight in gold.

Admittedly, the whole thing sounds chaotic and inspiring at the same time, because we adults still had 1000 things running through our heads that we could make with this furniture toy.

Children's play is like that too - imaginative, versatile and flexible, much like the Funzy play sofa.

Younger kids like to jump on it, older kids take it to build their own creations and adults enjoy having a furniture and at the same time a toy for 1000 possibilities. The fact that the cover is removable and machine washable is especially handy when the Funzy is in constant use. In addition to all the versatility, it's also very comfortable and has a high-quality finish.

In the six months since the Funzy has been available, it's been used daily.

In everyday life, it's a cuddle and read sofa in the kids' room and is happy to serve as a bedtime companion. Little overnight guests can also make themselves comfortable on it.

It has already functioned as a stage, landing mat, ramp for vehicles and ball tracks, for climbing, jumping, hiding and resting.

And at the end of the game, it's assembled to save space, so it can be used as an unobtrusive and comfortable extra seat in the living room.

We're already looking forward to winter, because thanks to Funzy we have enough opportunities to let off steam indoors as well.