Warranty Statement

Funzy 3 year guarantee

We give you a 3-year guarantee on the dimensional stability and durability of the core materials on your Funzy play sofa.

This guarantee claim applies from receipt of your Funzy play sofa, within the EU (and Switzerland and Norway) and is to Growing Imaginations GmbH by returning the goods to Hive Technologies GmbH, c/o Funzy, Maulbeerstraße 7, 15834 Rangsdorf or after picking up the goods by our third party suppliers. The statutory rights of revocation and warranty apply unchanged.

In order to ensure smooth processing of the guarantee claim, contact our customer service and provide us with appropriate photo material of the affected area of the sofa.

Your guarantee applies to:

  • Seam tears in the fabric
  • Zippers that do not work and cannot be opened or closed due to the normal use of the material
  • Cracks, dents or damage to the foam that has occurred despite proper use and handling
  • Production damage on the zipper
  • only for products that were purchased directly from www.myfunzy.de or from an official trading partner

Your warranty does not cover:

  • Stinging threads that can be clipped off without damaging the product
  • Physical abuse or damage to the structure and/or upholstery material including, but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage or stains; provided that the defect has been caused by such misuse or damage
  • Grain lines or discoloration in the inner lining
  • Differences in color between products from different orders
  • Any problems when the product is used in combination with DIY foam or post-purchased fabrics or materials
  • Replacement of non-defective parts of the kit (e.g. if you submit a warranty claim for 1 piece of fabric and only one component of your Funzy fabric is defective, we will only replace the defective component).
  • Any Funzy product sold by private resellers

your responsibility

In the event of a defect and in order to make a warranty claim, all steps to submit a warranty claim must be completed through our Customer Happiness Team and we must have proof of the original purchase date and order number. Evidence of a defect in the form of a high-quality photo/video must be sent by email to info@myfunzy.com.

Replaced or refurbished parts carry the same limited warranty as the original parts, however, the original warranty period is not extended if a guaranteed product is repaired or replaced.