Unsere Kinderbuch-Tipps zu Weihnachten

Our children's book tips for Christmas

Soon it will be that time again, the eyes of the little ones will surely shine.

Yes, 2 weeks from today is Christmas. Our team is already busy handicrafts, baking and …..ordering. And yes, of course, also read aloud.

We therefore want to dedicate today's article to the latter: our best reading tips for the pre-Christmas period. While in some places people still rely on the classics from their own childhood, there are also a large number of works from the “modern era” that are worth reading. We are therefore briefly presenting this year's Top 5, a mix of old and new, because Christmas is also the time of traditions.

1. Christmas with Astrid Lindgren

A classic, no question. A classic that summarizes the most beautiful stories of Lindgren in a small book. Pippi Longstocking bakes and gives presents to all the other children because she has such a big heart. In Bullerbü the children dance and romp through the snowy forests and Michel from Lönneberga celebrates while the dwarf Tomte Tummeltott guards the house while everyone is sleeping. Plus speculoos, the scent of cinnamon and happy dancing around the Christmas tree. A work that has been sweetening the waiting time for the loveliest festival of the year for children for decades.
2. Anne Süss' Christmas book

A Christmas book to join in. The hidden object book is illustrated and designed with great attention to detail and invites you to take part with many small puzzles and coloring tasks. This turns many afternoons into a pre-Christmas experience, and we think the additional activity factor is particularly great!

3. Abie Alba- Kathrin Bühring's big dream of a Christmas tree

Abie Alba's dream is to become a Christmas tree. It saddens him that nobody wants to take him away from the tree nursery. Abie breaks out with his friend Teggie, the angle spider. The two make their way through the winter night. A great humorous Christmas story with a lot of heart and humor. Topics such as charity, uprooting, sustainability and our consumer behavior are also shown. So a Christmas fairy tale with added value.

4. How the little fox is looking for the Christ Child by Ulrike Motschiunig by Ulrike Motschiunig

The forest became sparkling white and mysterious overnight, soon the Christ Child will come to the people again. But what happens to the animals in the forest while we humans gather around the Christmas tree? Nobody has seen it yet, only the deer heard a bright little bell and the magpie saw glittering ribbons. A wonderfully poetic Christmas story for young and old, absolutely worth reading!

5. The little witch celebrates Christmas

Lisbet, the little witch, still has a lot to do before Christmas! It's good that she can just sit on her broom and do a lot of things in flight! When the Christmas witch comes to visit, everything has to be ready! Anything that hasn't been done is "done-hexed". The successor to the volumes "The Curious Little Witch" and "The Little Witch's Birthday".

....and where is the best place to read it? That's right, where it's really cozy and warm. Where it smells of candles (and gingerbread?). Where parents and kids, where small and large are united. And that's exactly what the Funzy is for! As a place where people come together and prepare and look forward to the best time of the year together. And it is precisely for this that we wish you many cozy hours together. May this year's pre-Christmas period be a very special one. One that is consciously used and enjoyed.

Make yourself comfortable and see you soon!

Your funzy gnomes