Warum es manchmal etwas länger dauert, um an ein Funzy Spielsofa zu kommen

Why it sometimes takes a little longer to get a Funzy play sofa

Many of you will have noticed that our popular play sofa is always sold out or has long delivery times of sometimes up to 12 weeks. In today's blog post we would like to describe how this happens and what we do every day to improve the situation.

The pandemic and the associated closures of schools and daycare centers have caused a real boom in the children's room furnishing sector in the last year. From now on, our children were more at home and confined to their room and with this, many parents thought of redesigning or adapting the room so that there should be maximum fun in a limited space. As is so often the case, this initially unsightly situation of daycare and school closures also has something positive: the focus on meaningful, durable and, above all, versatile furniture increased. The foundation stone for the Funzy play sofa was laid.

However, the associated immense increase in demand for home furnishings has had a huge impact on the entire furniture industry - and Funzy was not spared.

For the production of our play sofa we need large quantities of the highest quality foam, many kilometers of fabric and zippers, carrying straps, etc. All these raw materials come from suppliers from different producers. If any part of it is missing, the sofa cannot be completed and production comes to a standstill.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many of our suppliers understandably shut down production and waited to see how the situation developed.

There was an imbalance between demand on the one hand and supply on the other.

So far, our sofa was only produced in China, which means that in addition to the longer production time, there was also a long transport route by sea or train. Here, too, the number of ships available to transport containers from the Far East to Europe has been reduced. Less availability led to longer delivery times, but also to skyrocketing shipping prices.

So it happened that lately we were repeatedly sold out or had to struggle with delivery delays. Of course we would like to fulfill all order requests - it is frustrating for us too that we cannot always provide our play sofa in the requested quantity and thus cause disappointment. Funzy has a lot of moms and dads too - we know what it means to keep a promise to our kids.

That's why we're doing everything we can to keep the waiting time for your Funzy as short as possible - so that you can have full fun in the children's room again as soon as possible.

Even if we can't always predict the exact delivery dates with certainty at the moment - we can promise you one thing for sure: It's worth waiting for your Funzy!

We thank you for your understanding and your patience.

Your funky team