Pflegetipps für dein Funzy und wie du Flecken entfernst

Care tips for your funzy and how to remove stains

How do I actually get my funzy clean again?

We parents know: when the little ones are really romping around and maybe snacking on something at the same time, everything ends up on the sofa at some point.

The possibilities are endless: drool from the little ones, ketchup, jam from previous meals, felt-tip pens and and and….

This is completely normal, unavoidable in the hustle and bustle of everyday life with children and, above all, not a drama.

Below we have listed how you can get your funzy clean again in those moments when it has been played a little too intensively.

Here we have listed a few different ways to get rid of all kinds of stains on your funzy. You should note a few points:

  1. Always use the different products with a damp cloth to avoid damaging the fabric with the aggressive cleaning products.
  2. Pull off the funzy first so that the foam doesn't get anything.
  3. After treating the stain, you should wash your cover in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.

To protect the foam, we also have a waterproof undercover that you can pack under your regular cover.

Here is an overview of which cleaning products we recommend for which type of stain:

I hope the tips help you a little and if you have any insider tips, please let us know so that we can include them.

Many greetings
your funky team