Make the funzy experience even more colorful and diverse with our buttons

  • Endless design possibilities

    The buttons open up numerous possible combinations , including the game “The Floor Is Lava”, which is popular with children. This promotes long-term motivation and maintains interest in playing.

  • Even more funzy fun

    The buttons encourage children to build larger and more complex shapes together, leading to exciting adventures and more fun .

  • Design flexible gaming environments

    The buttons make it possible to quickly and easily convert the play sofa into different game scenarios , from racing cars and castles to spaceships, making the game fun more diverse.

Discover the advantages of our certified buttons

Discover the buttons - the ideal addition to your Funzy play sofa that brings new momentum to the game.

With a diameter of 32 cm and a height of 7 cm, these foam buttons are perfectly sized for creative buildings. The firm foam quality supports stable constructions without the children sinking in too deeply.

A must for little builders and creative minds!

  • Develop creativity

    Colorful "buttons" inspire endless game ideas

  • Play safely

    Made from soft, safety-tested foam for peace of mind

  • Simple application

    “Buttons” are easy to attach and redesign

  • Promoting development

    Supports fine motor skills and spatial thinking

Certified quality

Our products, including the Funzy play sofa and the "Buttons" extension, have been awarded various safety seals. These certificates confirm that our products meet strict safety and quality standards to ensure a safe playing environment for your children.

Buttons specifications

  1. Optimal size : 32 cm diameter & 7 cm height - perfect for small hands
  2. Light and handy : weighing approx. 300g
  3. Firmer quality : Harder foam prevents it from sinking too deeply and promotes stability when building and playing

What are the Funzy Buttons?

The Funzy Buttons are colorful, round foam elements that serve as a creative extension for the Funzy play sofa. They offer additional opportunities for building and playing fun.

What material are the buttons made of?

Our buttons are made from high quality, child-friendly PUR foam, known for its durability and safety.

How do I clean the buttons?

The buttons are very easy to care for. The cover is removable and machine washable, allowing for quick and easy cleaning. For the foam core, we recommend wiping it with a damp cloth.

Can the buttons also be used without the Funzy play sofa?

Yes, the buttons can also be used independently of the Funzy play sofa as independent game or decorative elements.

How many buttons are included in a set?

A standard set of buttons contains two pieces. However, we also offer sets of 4 and 6 to expand the fun.

Are the buttons safe for my child?

Safety is our top priority. The buttons are made from non-toxic material and meet all common safety standards for children's toys.

Can the buttons be used outdoors?

While the buttons are primarily designed for indoor use, they can also be used outdoors in dry weather and on clean surfaces. Please store them indoors again afterwards.

How do the buttons promote my child's development?

The buttons promote your child's creativity, fine motor skills and spatial perception by encouraging building, stacking and creative play.

Are there different colors?

Yes, the buttons are available in different colors, which you can see on our product page.