Ideen für sinnvolle Beschäftigungen für drinnen

Ideas for meaningful activities for indoors

Winter and, to some extent, the pandemic are still keeping us at home and therefore indoors.
But what to do if it is not possible to spend time with children outside?

That's why we've put together our favorites for a meaningful activity within your own 4 walls that prevent the little ones from getting bored. And which can also mean a little breather in between for us grown-ups. This time without TV and screen time.
There are nicer and above all more meaningful things to do!

1. The Toniebox

Everyone is talking about it and we are sure that you have either heard of the device at home or have heard of it. It is a very easy to use audio player for the little ones.
The company sells music and radio plays for children between the ages of 2 and 8. More than 300 titles are already available in Tonie format, including classic children's books such as The Little Prince, Conni, Benjamin Blümchen, The Robber Hotzenplotz or editions from the "What is what ".

The works are played via so-called creative tonies - these are the small figures that are placed on the box. The Toniebox can play audio books, fairy tales, music or sounds. Files in various formats can also be loaded onto the box: MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, OGG and WMA. Tip from the Funzy team: familiar sounds have a particularly calming effect and can help you fall asleep! But a story read by grandma and grandpa is also a great idea.
2 . craft books

Last time we talked about our favorite Christmas classics. (...we just realized how fast time flies!)
In addition to stories, we find books that encourage participation to be particularly useful.

“Creatively through the year with Leoli” is a hands-on book. As part of the Kita-to-Go series, books are put together in which the publishers ensure that all of the little ones' senses are addressed. Creativity, fine motor skills, language and movement are equally trained and developed with the included instructions. In this way, Leoli ensures that your little ones do meaningful things while playing, and we really like that!

3. Cooking with children

We strongly believe that early eating behavior also influences later eating habits. Early practice makes sense, and this also applies when it comes to the topic of “healthy nutrition”. We have made the experience that a conscious handling of healthy food can be learned just as early. It's quite possible that the healthy snack box will sometimes come back full because "Janina had donuts for everyone and they're much cooler than my carrot Karl". But if three out of five times carrots, apples and co. make it into the hungry mouths of the little ones, that's great.

On the subject, we would like to recommend a platform that deals with exactly this topic: cheeky friends. In addition to recipes for children, you will also find all sorts of information and incentives on the subject there. Also on how to "clamp" the little kitchen help in the most sensible way, what should be considered and why tidying up and washing up are also part of it (spoiler: the two train motor skills!)

....and last but not least: an afternoon with and on the Funzy!

Yes, who would have thought that we would give this tip! :)

The Funzy play sofa offers endless possibilities. It can be set up and rebuilt, it can be used alone or by several children. It is a playground and quiet zone in one and always offers exactly what your loved ones need at exactly the right time.
That's it for this week! Let us know what you would like to learn more about in the future!
Have a nice cozy hours at home and stay healthy!

Your funky team