Was ist eigentlich ein Spielsofa?

What actually is a play sofa?

The answer is as simple as the product itself: a mixture of toy and sofa.

And this term, or for us rather this new category, describes well what we stand for at Funzy: for play fun and versatility. Because from just four foam parts, our play sofa becomes virtually anything you can imagine.

True to the motto: 4 parts. Infinite possibilities.

First of all, of course, there is the very functional use of a piece of seating furniture, the children's sofa.

With a surface area of over 1.60 m wide and almost 90 cm deep, the Funzy offers a generous seating area for the whole family. Or for a nap all by itself.

The two sturdy triangular cushions provide firm support for leaning against when sitting or as a headrest when lying down or resting.

If it should be a little more turbulent, a bouncy castle, slide, somersault course or a cozy cave to hide and read is built in no time. There are no limits to the imagination. Find here an overview of our top 10 Funzy creations with instructions to copy.

And in the evening, when it's "clean-up time", all the parts are quickly folded up again. Or even stacked up to save space (picture).

The Funzy is made of 100% velvety soft microfiber fabric. The fabric is particularly well suited for the Funzy because it offers support on the one hand, is at the same time nice and soft to the touch and even if you fall down, cushions well.

In addition, it is nice and sturdy, so you have a long time from your Funzy. And if something goes wrong and liquids get on it? The covers are quickly opened and removed via the zippers and can be washed at 30 degrees without any problems. Stain removers help with small stains.